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Cancer Biotherapeutics: Harnessing the Immune Response and Overcoming Inhibitory FactorsTrack Divider DesignNovel Approaches for Cancer: Engineering, Optimisation and Development of Biospecifics, ADCs and Other Novel Products

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Sergio A. QuezadaSergio A. Quezada, Ph.D.
Professorial Research Fellow, Research Haematology, University College London Cancer Institute

Martin PuleMartin Pule, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer,
UCL Cancer Institute

Dario NeriDario Neri, Ph.D.
Professor, Chemistry and Applied Biosciences, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich

Stefan DübelStefan Dübel, Ph.D.
Managing Director and Professor, Biotechnology, Technische Universität Braunschweig

John McCaffertyJohn McCafferty, Ph.D.



Research in Cancer Biotherapeutics is progressing in leaps and bounds with rapid and exciting developments taking place with many different approaches. Cambridge Healthtech Institute, the producer of PepTalk and PEGS Protein & Antibody Engineering Summits, are responding by introducing a European event concentrating solely on this topic.

Both tracks focus strongly on immunotherapy, with case studies on immune check point inhibitors, agonistic and immunomodulatory approaches, immunocytokines, chimeric antigen receptors, retargeting T cells, immunomodulatory bispecifics, oncolytic immunotherapy, and the role of dendritic cells. We also broaden the scope with presentations on targets and lead selection, fusion proteins, ADCs, and on recreating the tumour microenvironment for translational studies.


“It was a really nice conference, in terms of the topics, the choice of speakers and the size of the meeting which lent itself well to having informal discussions during the breaks.”
Chief Science Officer, Innate Pharma

“A very informative meeting with a focus on immunotherapy, one of the most interesting fields in oncology currently. The meeting was ideal in terms of size and content. I really enjoyed the conference. It was very insightful and great quality of research was presented.”
Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry, Pfizer, Inc.

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20-24 March 2017

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