Cancer Biotherapeutics
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Track 1 Immuno-Oncology
Research in Cancer Biotherapeutics is entering a new era with rapid and exciting developments taking place with many different approaches. This track on Immuno-Oncology will focus on innovations and progress in harnessing the body’s immune response to attack cancer and on overcoming inhibitory factors. Presentations will include engineering approaches and platform development, management of toxicity, enhancement of efficacy, and range from preclinical development and evaluation through IND to the clinic.

Track 2 Novel Approaches for Cancer

Further exciting and innovative advances in cancer research are presented in Novel Approaches for Cancer which covers engineering and development for bispecifics, ADCs, and fusion proteins. This event continues the strong focus on immune-response enhancing technologies. Data-rich presentations include platform development, engineering challenges, and technologies for target and lead selection, and cover measures to enhance potency, stability and resistance to aggregation. These studies cover early development through to pre-clinical evaluation.

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20-24 March 2017

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"Some of the most promising emergent biopharmaceuticals for cancer therapy include agents capable of selective homing to the tumor environment, as well as drugs capable of selective activation of the immune system against malignant cells."

Dario Neri, Ph.D., Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

"You have put together an amazing meeting."

Sergio A. Quezada, Ph.D., UCL Cancer Institute