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2016 Archived Content

Attendee Quotes from Cancer Biotherapeutics 2016

“It was a really nice conference, in terms of the topics, the choice of speakers and the size of the meeting which lent itself well to having informal discussions during the breaks.”
Chief Science Officer, Innate Pharma

“I believe you managed to collate an excellent mix of speakers spanning the most critical aspects of immune oncology, providing an informal forum for discussions between leaders in the field and new investigators coming from both academia and industry. We discussed where we are, and where we need to go, to improve on currently available immune oncology drugs.”
Chief Scientific Officer, BioInvent International AB

“I got a lot from speaking to other participants, the quality was very high and the presentations really were refreshingly up to date.”
Project Leader, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Institut de Recherche, Pierre Fabre

“Good balance of speakers: Industry and academia.”
International Business Development, Biognosys

“Round Table Discussions were very good with open discussions; talks of high quality and enough time for discussions at breaks.”
Associate Director, Morphosys

“I wanted to thank you for a great meeting in London - I thoroughly enjoyed it. You did a superb job lining up excellent speakers.”
Chief Scientific Officer, IOMUNEX Pharmaceuticals

“Very good speakers and topics.”
Strategic Collaborations, Promega

“The content of the meeting was highly relevant and up to date.”
Executive Director, MSD-Merck

“I enjoyed the breakout discussions and learnt a great deal. Also I liked the mix of topics – CARs, immunotherapeutic antibodies, B-cell approaches, cytokines, … ”
Immunotoxicology, NIBSC

“Very stimulatory meeting in an exciting field. Great mix of complimentary presentations.”
Professor, UCL Cancer Institute

“I liked the mix of different approaches. It was most useful for me. The meeting was broad and didn’t follow too specifically on any one approach.”
Senior Scientist, Cell Biology, Immunocore Ltd.

“I think it was a very well organised conference! I think that the venue was very well suited to the number of people, including the space to mix and mingle in the breaks. It was nice, that it did not feel like there was only checkpoint blockade talks, which tend to fill entire days at conferences currently and usually repeat one another. It was a good mix of talks.”
Team Leader, Cell Biology/Research Management, Immunocore Ltd.

“A very informative meeting with a focus on immunotherapy, one of the most interesting fields in oncology currently. The meeting was ideal in terms of size and content. I really enjoyed the conference. It was very insightful and great quality of research was presented.”
Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry, Pfizer, Inc.

“Great meeting and very well prepared short course lecturers for Immunotherapy.”
Head, Research Lab, Boehringer Ingelheim

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"Some of the most promising emergent biopharmaceuticals for cancer therapy include agents capable of selective homing to the tumor environment, as well as drugs capable of selective activation of the immune system against malignant cells."

Dario Neri, Ph.D., Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

"You have put together an amazing meeting."

Sergio A. Quezada, Ph.D., UCL Cancer Institute